Space XY – how to win in the game for money

How to play Space XY? If you chase big, you will lose small. This is how we would describe the basic tactics for playing Space XY profitably. The principle of a failed game and a complete drain of the deposit is built only on your greed and lack of endurance. But we recommend a completely different approach to the game.

So, the first step is to decide on the size and type of bets. As you know, the minimum bet is 5 dollars. And the maximum number of simultaneous bets is two. The fact is that the strategy of playing Space XY for one and two simultaneous bets is different. So we will consider each one separately.

Space XY strategy for one bet

Single bet is the most suitable solution for beginners. Your attention will not be scattered, which will allow you to carefully keep the process of earning in Space XY under control. First of all, determine the balance of the deposit with which you will start. It is from this choice that the face value of the bet at which we will play depends. Our recommendation is that you should have enough money in your online pin-up casino account for 200 bets (minimum 100). That is, if you have 50 in your account, then we recommend playing bets of 5. If there are 10,000 on the account, then you can already play bets of 50-100.

After we have determined the bet size for one round in Space XY, we need to decide on a strategy, the tactics of which can be easily divided into three types.

Least Risk Tactics When Playing for Money at Space XY

How to play Space XY? This strategy will not bring you a big jackpot in a short time, but it will allow you to feel comfortable in the game, allow the least number of losses and not lose your funds. The essence of tactics in the game at low odds, that is, every round our cashout must be at a multiplier of x1.20-x1.21 (you can turn on the auto-cashout and autobet options). This will minimize the number of lost rounds and systematically increase the balance. After the balance grows, you can move on to higher bets. Thereby increasing the pace of earnings in Space XY.

Moderate risk tactics when playing for money in Space XY

We recommend choosing this strategy for players who are not constrained by funds on their online casino pinup account. When using this tactic in Aviator, we play x2-x3 odds. The probability of results with a multiplier of 2-3 is 40-42%. But sometimes, when you are confident in your own abilities and there hasn’t been a large multiplication for a long time, you can take a chance by swiping at large odds, which, with a bit of luck, will allow you not only to stay in the black, but also to increase the deposit.

Risky tactics for quick money in the game Space XY

This is a strategy for real lucky ones! Odds 100+ drop out on average once every hour and a half. Therefore, we look at when the last result was with the multiplication of x100 or more, skip an hour and start actively betting. Good luck!

Space XY strategy for money for two simultaneous bets

This tactic is not much different from the one-bet game, but requires more concentration. The game with moderate risk is considered optimal. For the first bet, we recommend choosing autobet and auto cashout on x1.2 multiplication, and playing the second bet using the moderate risk strategy that was described above for playing with one bet.

If you want to take risks in a two-bet game, we advise you to stop at x40 multiplication with one bet, and x100 with the second. Thus, you will be able not to spend the entire balance at once and wait for huge odds.


None of the described strategies and tactics is a panacea for success. You are always free to come up with something of your own, take risks and win. In the event that you managed to invent your own successful scheme for making money in the Space XY pin-up game, then feel free to share it in the special Reviews section on our website.

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