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Space XY is an online game for money with the possibility of earning by increasing your bet according to the coefficient up to x100. That is, by placing only 50, you can almost instantly win 5,000.

Space XY is a new generation of gambling entertainment xygames. Win many times more in seconds! Space XY BGAMING is built on a provably fair system, which is currently the only real guarantee of fairness in the gaming industry.

But remember! If you don’t cash out before the Rocket leaves, your bet will be forfeited. Space XY is pure excitement, risk and victory xygames!

The Space XY real money game was recognized as one of the most popular in 2020 according to pin-up, mostbet, melbet, 1win and 1xbet online casinos xygames.

The essence of the game Space XY

Space XY lets you feel like a risky pilot, and your earnings depend on the height to which he manages to raise his rocket. The height in this case is equal to the coefficient (multiplication) that will be applied to your winning bet xygames.

The main thing here is not to overdo it and be able to stop the takeoff at the right moment xygames. Roughly speaking, press the buyback button in time before the rocket finishes its climb (the multiplier stops growing).

If the climb stops before you cashed out the bet, then the funds are burned. But in the case when greed does not take precedence over reason, and multiplying the bet by 2-3 times is enough for you, success is guaranteed to the maximum xygames!

What is important to know

  • The win multiplier starts at 1x and grows more and more as the Aircraft gains altitude.

  • Your win is equal to the product of the multiplier during which you made a Cash Out and the amount of your bet.

  • Before the start of each round, an honest random number generator generates a coefficient at which the rocket flies. You can check the fairness of each round using the functionality available in the game.

The algorithm of the game Space XY BGAMING

The Space XY algorithm is as simple as possible. Every round you make a bet. Artificial intelligence starts the growth of multiplication. At a random (random) moment, the growth of the coefficient stops, and the bets of those players who did not have time to redeem them during this time are burned out.

It is worth noting that 100% honesty and non-interference in the results of the Space XY BGAMING game by online casinos is achieved by Provably FAIR technology. In more detail, the result of each

round (the coefficient at which the plane flew away) is not generated on the servers of virtual casinos. Its generation takes place with the help of the players who participate in the round, it is completely transparent. In addition, everyone can check and confirm the fairness of the game.

Main features – how to play Space XY:

Bet and Cashout

  • To place a bet, select the amount and click the Bet button.
  • By adding a second bet panel, you can place two bets in parallel. To add a second bet panel, click on the plus sign located in the upper right corner of the bet panel.
  • To withdraw your winnings, click the Cash Out button. Your winnings are equal to the amount of the bet multiplied by the cashout odds.

Autoplay and Auto Cash Out

  • Autoplay is activated in the Auto menu on the bet panel by activating the checkbox on the Auto Bet line. After activation, the bet will be made automatically, but you will need to click a button to withdraw funds. Cashout in every round. If you wish, you can also use the Auto Cash Out feature.
  • Auto Cash Out is available in the Auto menu on the betting panel. Once activated, your bet will be automatically withdrawn when it reaches the odds you set.

How to check the integrity of Space XY in Pin-Up?

You can click on the button with the result from the game history (played odds at the top of the game window). In the window that opens, you will see the server seed, 3 player seeds, the combined hash and the result of the round. The correctness of the hash can be checked in any online calculator.

Where to play Space XY – websites

The game is available in many online casinos. We recommend that you use only verified and verified official sites to play Space XY. The list of virtual casino sites where you can honestly play Space XY BGAMING is available at the link below:

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about the game Space XY

How long is the tour in Space XY BGAMING?

The duration of each round in the game Space XY is from 8 to 30 seconds. It all depends on the coefficient that will play in this round. While the coefficient is growing, the round continues and your potential winnings grow.
Is there any space xy hack in the game? Yes, there is definitely a space xy hack. Everything comes with experience. You can see all the space xy hack on the game tactics page.

What is the minimum bet in Space XY?

The minimum bet in each round of Space XY is only 5 rubles. This provides a great opportunity to try out your game tactics on a small budget. As soon as the confidence in the right choice of strategy gets stronger, you can move on to big bets and, accordingly, get big winnings. Also available is a quick selection of bets with a face value of 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 rubles. When manually adding the face value of the bet, the step is 5 rubles.

What is the maximum bet?

The maximum one-time bet in Space XY is 7,000 rubles. But this does not mean that you are limited to only one bet. The game allows you to make two bets at the same time, as shown in the pictures below.

Lowest odds in Space XY?

The lowest game coefficient in Space XY is 1. It does not appear very often, on average, once every 50 rounds. Also, multiplications x1.20 or less are considered to be unprofitable coefficients. The frequency of these totals is more frequent than one, and averages up to 10 times per 100 games (10 percent of the total number of rounds).

Highest odds in Space XY?

The maximum coefficient in the game Space XY is multiplied by 200. This value does not appear very often. According to our observations xygames, this happens once in a time interval of 60-80 minutes. That is, on average, 1 time in 250 rounds of the game, a coefficient greater than 100 will fall out xygames slots. In any case, we would not advise you to rely on this coefficient too much, but build your strategy on less profitable, but more frequent multiplications (x2, x3, x4) .

Registration in the game Space XY Pin-Up

Registration in Space XY implies registration in an online casino where this game is presented. Here is an example of registration for the game Space XY in pin-up:

  • You need to go to one of the pinup mirrors. Working pin-up mirror for today: official pin-up website.
  • Choose the appropriate registration method and fill in the required forms and fields.
  • Process completed. It remains to replenish the deposit and start earning in the Space XY pin-up game.

How to fund your Space XY Pin-Up account

Replenishing an account in the Space XY game takes less than a minute of your time and consists of only three steps xygames slots.

  • Click the 1-click top up button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select a deposit method and enter the desired amount.
  • Confirm payment.

Bingo! Now you can safely start earning in the game Space XY BGAMING.

Promo codes pin-up for the game Space XY

The most generous and profitable pin-up promo code for Space XY today can be obtained by going to the official Space XY mirror at Pin-Up Casino:

In-game chat Space XY

On the right side of the game interface (or after clicking the chat icon in the upper right corner of the mobile interface) is the chat panel. In the Space XY chat you can chat with other players. Also, information about the biggest winnings is automatically published in the chat.

Demo version of the game Space XY

A demo version of the Space XY game is available on the pin-up site for all registered players with a zero account balance xygames slots.

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