Rocket Queen: an exciting and exciting game of chance with standard mechanics

Rocket Queen – exciting and exciting entertainment at the same time! It will appeal to both beginners who are not familiar with the world of online casinos, and experienced players. In Rocket Queen, you can “raise” good money in just a few rounds! The mechanics of gambling are designed in such a way that interference from the casino or software provider is excluded. A random number generator is “sewn” into it, the “behavior” of which is impossible to predict. Hacking excluded.

  • Enter a comfortable bet amount in a special window.
  • Follow the flight of a seductive beauty on a rocket.
  • Take money before the moment when the hot lady leaves the playing field.

Remember that time is money. If you miss the moment, the girl will leave you with nothing. The unpredictability of the outcome makes the game truly exciting and exciting. The latter is partly due to the extremely attractive appearance of the main character.

Risk? Luck or cold calculation? Rationality or emotion? You decide. Place bets and take them with good raises. Get richer!

Basic Rules, “Basic” of Rocket Queen Gambling: Consider, Win

There are several important aspects.

  • In order to place a bet, you need to decide on a comfortable amount. After that, in a special window, you will need to click on the button with the corresponding inscription.
  • Within each new game round, the casino client can make two bets at once. This is an opportunity to hit the jackpot! Try it. You will definitely get lucky.
  • In order to withdraw money before the moment when the hot girl leaves the playing field, you need to click on the “Withdrawal” button. The amount of the bet multiplied by the accumulated coefficient will be returned to the balance.
  • To regularly earn money in the game Rocket Queen, you should not give in to emotions. In a different situation, you can quickly “drain” all the money.

Automatic bet and withdrawal in Rocket Queen

  • Activating the automatic bidding feature means eliminating manual work. In this situation, the system puts the player at the beginning of each new game round. It remains only to follow the flight of the beauty and take the money until the moment when she leaves the playing field.
  • Activating the automatic withdrawal feature will become useful when you are sure that the round will end at a certain coefficient value. Just enter, say, a value of 2.5, so that the system will automatically withdraw money when the rocket reaches the appropriate coefficient.

Thanks to the marked functions, manual work is excluded. The risk of errors in the form of an untimely bet or a late return attempt becomes minimal.

About the Rocket Queen interface

Live bets, statistics

  • On the left side of the screen, you can find a special panel with live bets. It displays information on bets made by players. The information is current for the current round.
  • The “My Bets” panel is provided so that players can view information about the bets made and the withdrawals made.
  • “Top” – an additional panel containing information about game statistics. Here the player can get information about the winnings of other fans of “naughty” in Rocket Queen.

Convenient internal chat

  • On the right side of the screen, you can find the general chat panel. This “tool” is extremely useful. Through chat, you can communicate with other players during the game or between rounds. A notable feature is that it is in the corresponding field that information about the largest winnings is displayed.
  • Chat cannot be used for advertising, spam or other purposes. It is unacceptable to publish forecasts, revealed patterns, etc. For this, the casino administration may provide special sanctions against the violator of the rules. At best, this is a restriction on the ability to use the chat, at worst, an account blocking.

Technical problems and how to deal with them

  • If the network connection is interrupted during the round, the system will cash out the bet at the appropriate time. However, provided that it coincides with the departure of the girl for the playing field, the money will go to the casino.
  • In the event of a malfunction of the casino equipment or a failure in the software, all bets will be void. The corresponding amounts of funds are returned to the game balances of the casino customers.

Play, win and withdraw money

It’s easy in Rocket Queen! We advise you to give up excessive attention in relation to the hot baby, who famously saddled the rocket. Focus on the ratio. Another tip is to avoid expecting excessively large multipliers. But you can try to do it this way:

  • bet a good amount, say $10, take it back at odds of 1.5. The profit will be 50%! Not bad, agree;
  • in the additional window, set the minimum bid, say, $1. And try to wait for a coefficient with a value of 5-10.

Use the suggested tips and earn money in Rocket Queen!

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