Lucky Jet game

Lucky Jet – next generation online game

The game Lucky Jet is a real jet backpack for your wallet. This next generation cash game has become a hit with pin-up online casinos, one of the most popular online casinos on the internet. In a matter of seconds, Lucky Jet allows you to get a win that is many times higher than the original bet. The size of the jackpot depends only on the reaction speed and excitement of the player!

The Lucky Jet game is an analogue and successor of such mega popular games as Aviator and Crash.

The Lucky Jet game for money was recognized as one of the most popular in 2020 according to pin-up, mostbet, melbet, 1win and 1xbet online casinos.

Rules of the game Lucky Jet

  • The rules of the game are simple: you need to place a bet and have time to withdraw it before Lucky Joe, with a backpack of luck on his back, gains height and flies away. Otherwise, the bet will burn out and you will lose.
  • Each flight of Happy Joe is a separate round in the game. The flight time is the coefficient by which the initial bet is multiplied. During the flight, the bet of the players can increase by x1, x2 and even x100 times. By placing a bet of only 100 rubles, in less than half a minute you can win up to 10 thousand rubles. Sounds like fantasy? No, any player can win!

The maximum win in the game Lucky Jet

The maximum coefficient in the game Lucky Jet is 200. That is, by making a bet of 1 thousand rubles, you can win 200 thousand.

How to play and win at Lucky Jet

The first step to winning at Lucky Jet is the choice of strategy and tactics of the game. Playing consciously is the choice of successful players. As an example, we can cite two different and even opposite strategies.

Strategies and tactics in Lucky Jet

  • Cautious Lucky Jet Strategy
    The essence of the conservative strategy of the game is to place a bet and withdraw at a coefficient of x1.1. In other words, not much to earn, but it is almost impossible to lose. Sometimes there will be situations when Lucky Joe flies away at a factor of x1.05, that is, a loss is possible. However, on the forums you will find numerous evidence that in the end it is this kind of game that brings the win. Among the disadvantages of such a strategy that players talk about is a bit boring, because every time you withdraw money at the same coefficient. In this case, it is better to enable autoplay and the withdrawal will occur automatically.
  • Risky Lucky Jet Strategy
    Risk means expecting a high odd, i.e. more than x100. Experienced players know that such a coefficient happens every 60-90 minutes, that is, 1-1.5 hours. Look at the history and you will see the last time the odds were over 100. Wait 1 hour and start betting big.

Of course, the game has options for the strategy in the middle – not so cautious, but not so risky strategies of the game. For example, play with x2-x3 multiplier. The chances are about 40% – 45%, that is, even if the bet is lost in the next round, it is possible to win back and even earn money.

In any case, the Lucky Jet game from pin-up, mostbet, melbet, 1win and 1xbet online casinos requires attention. First, decide on your goals and answer the question: “Why do I play Lucky Jet?”. There are two main answers.

Honest Provably Fair algorithm in Lucky Jet

The impartiality of the game is guaranteed by the latest PROVABLY FAIR algorithm, which is used to generate the win rate (of the moment when the owner of the luck bag “Flew!”). It is formed before the start of each round and is not controlled by the online casino in any way. This is excitement in its purest form!

The winning coefficient is generated each time from the keys (seeds) on four independent devices – the game operator’s server and the devices of the three players who made the bets first. Based on the combined data of these devices (combined seed), the random number generator generates a key of 16 random characters (hash), and on its basis the duration of Lucky Joe’s flight is calculated. The encrypted version of this key is instantly published before the start of the round and is available in the Settings in the game menu.

Thus, any player has the opportunity to check the results of the round. Upon request, the window that opens will show the server seed, three client seeds, the combined hash, and the results of each round. The correctness of data formation can always be checked in any online calculator.

To put it simply, all these complex technical actions do not depend on the casino in any way, which means that the size of the winnings depends only on the excitement and strategy of the player. Read about how to multiply your income many times over with the help of the most effective tools in the Game strategies section on our official website of the Lucky Jet game.

Being an online game, Lucky Jet is also insured against technical problems. When the connection is broken, the bet will be cashed out automatically, and the winnings will be transferred to the balance of the wallet. In the event of technical problems with the gaming equipment, all bets will be void. However, bets are refunded to the players in full.

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